Cdm1250 vs cdm1550

Jump to content. You currently have javascript disabled. Several functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. I got unexpectedly busy this afternoon and evening. I have a moment to post. Our software runs on Windows XP. The machine is not handy at the moment so I cannot find the CPS version yet. In the past, CPS for the radio was available through Motorola's software system under discontinued radios.

The account was free and the software was free. Of course, there are other sources for the software. That's far enough to post here, I think. Go to the full post. Posted 14 December - AM.

All the love here for the M has convinced me. So I made an offer on one. This morning, my offer was accepted. Hans, once I have the cable where do I find the software? It's beginning to look like getting set up to program this radio will cost more than the radio itself.

Unlike Kenwood, where the cable is cheap and the software is free. Posted 14 December - PM.Page of Go. Computer Software Copyrights. Product Safety and RF Exposure. Trunked Radio Systems.

Motorola CDM1550 Accessories

Trunked Systems. Conventional Radio Systems. Radio Wide Features. PassPort Zone Features. LTR Zone Features. Conventional Zone Features.

Radio Overview. Parts of the Radio. LED Indicators. Menu Buttons. Microphone Jack. Programmable Buttons. Audio Indicators for Programmable. Getting Started. Turning the Radio On or Off. Adjusting the Volume. Selecting a Trunked Zone. Sending a Trunked Call. To Send a Trunked Call. Selecting a Conventional Zone and. Direct Zone Access. Direct Channel Access. Sending a Conventional Call.Ideal for users with growing communication needs. Versatile trunking systems: LTR. Alphanumeric screen character display uses icons and text provide clear indication.

Switchable channel spacing Migrates easily between kHz and Telephone interconnect Places and receives phone calls. Horn and lights activation Alerts users to incoming messages, even when away from the vehicle. This easy-to-operate microphone features basic push-to-talk functionality when using your mobile radio.

Designed to withstand the toughest conditions, this heavy-duty microphone provides simple push-to-talk capabilities. This universal hang-up clip is compatible with all Motorola microphones. No installation required. Designed for use with external push-to-talk accessories to experience hands-free communication while driving. Versatile and powerful, Motorola two-way radios can help you respond to those challenges by helping you increase efficiency, safety and work crew productivity.

From dispatch to warehouse to drivers, rugged, reliable Motorola radios keep your personnel in constant contact, allowing them to safely deliver higher levels of on-time performance and reducing operating expense.

cdm1250 vs cdm1550

How to Buy How to Buy. Call 1. Chat Live with a Representative. Contact Us Online. Find a Partner. Get Support. Versatile trunking systems: LTR Broad calling range Rapid channel access Outstanding privacy High user and talkgroup capacity PassPort Adds to basic LTR functions Wider coverage area Seamless roaming Received Signal Strength Indicator RSSI : maintains signal Electronic serial number protection: Prevents unauthorized radio cloning Direct frequency assignment: Adds channels and sites over the air without taking radios out of service Alphanumeric screen character display uses icons and text provide clear indication.

Control Station Accessories. Heavy-duty microphone AARMN Accessories Designed to withstand the toughest conditions, this heavy-duty microphone provides simple push-to-talk capabilities.

HLN Accessories In-vehicle microphone hang-up clip. Join the Conversation:.All these radios are from the same line Waris Series. Some are export versions, others are domestic. As far as we know, there appears to be a few different versions of RSS to program them.

Apparently, up until recently there was different software for the Latin American product, the North American Product, and the European. This apparently is not the case. Just for reference, the following is a list of domestic radios and their equivalent export counterparts:.

Be advised that is you have one of the PRO Elite radios, it does use the standard programming cables for these radios, but you need one of the newer versions of CPS to read and write to the radio. It looks like some of the older versions can read the radio, but it cannot write back to the radio.

cdm1250 vs cdm1550

NOTE: At this time, we are not aware of any way to program an export version radio with the RSS for a domestic version radio, or vice versa.

Some users of these portable radios are having issues with coverage, see this Motorola Document on the problem. The byte determines what band splits the radio will accept via the RSS.

Radios programmed with the Americas byte are programmable to the FCC approved and type accepted ranges for North America. The Rest of the World radios have a more open band range. These are the radios that could be programmed with ham frequencies, but we suspect would not be type accepted in the US.

Anyone know where the region byte is located and what the values are? If you do, email us. In order to access the field programming in the radio, you will need the special NNTNAR battery with the built in programming key. You will also need to turn on field programming in the RSS for the modes you want to change, as well as set a programming password kinda like a JT If a radio had a password that was guessed at 3 times wrongit would lock you out and display "Radio Locked". The radio is supposed to reset in 15 minutes after three bad password attempts.

The radio must be left "on" to reset. However, with some of the early models, the radio would stay locked. An HT with this issue was returned to the depot with this problem. They could not reset the radio and it was replaced.

It was shipped back to the factory as the depot could not fix it. They finally stated that it appeared that the "onboard" lithium battery had failed. For all practical purposes "time was standing still" for the radio as it's internal clock was dead.

So, if you have a radio that will not reset and let you keep trying at the password, this may be the problem. As far as we know, there is no back door password or any other way to clear the password in the radio.

We've been told that Motorola just replaces the board. You might want to try and remove and re-install the lithium battery to remove the password. This may or may not work, but you will probably also loose all the programming in the radio.

Of course to flash the radio, you will need the flash key, new firmware, and the RSS for the radio you are going to flash. The pinout of the RLN flash adapter cable can be found here.Forums New posts Search forums. Media New media Search media. Classifieds New listings. Log in. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. To anyone looking to acquire commercial radio programming software: Please do not make requests for copies of radio programming software which is sold or was sold by the manufacturer for any monetary value.

All requests will be deleted and a forum infraction issued. Making a request such as this is attempting to engage in software piracy and this forum cannot be involved or associated with this activity. The same goes for any private transaction via Private Message.

Even if you attempt to engage in this activity in PM's we will still enforce the forum rules.

Motorola CPS Programming access Quick Demo

Your PM's are not private and the administration has the right to read them if there's a hint to criminal activity. If you are having trouble legally obtaining software please state so. We do not want any hurt feelings when your vague post is mistaken for a free request. It is YOUR responsibility to properly word your request. To obtain Motorola software see the Sticky in the Motorola forum. The various other vendors often permit their dealers to sell the software online i.

Please use Google or some other search engine to find a dealer that sells the software.Good morning, I have recieved one of your repeater kits and everything is working great, apart from one thing. Is there something wrong with my setup? I am using Motorola GM series radios. My name is Kevin and I am attempting to set up a dmr repeater using your mmdvm repeater kit board and a kenwood TKR I am having problems with the transmit drive level.

Do you have any recommendations? Some experiences sharing. This will allow a much needed break for the tx radio to cool down. Recommend radios for homebrew repeaters G4KLX. DB9 cable to Motorola radio. Pi-Star setting. Linker for Motorola radio Also for other radio. For FT GM Change to Engilsh description soon. See the photo and the short videos at the end segment. Otherwise, you do not know where is the problem.

Adjust TX ,Radio transmit, terminal device decode if normal. No, just when your terminal radio not decode digital signal. SDR spectrum assistant adjustment Optional. Display interface definition:. Keeps on shifting from DV to FM with no audio. No issue on RX of the node, I can hear myself on the other hotspots. Put the bandwidth to narrow Everything is working fine. Another update. Narrow bandwidth How to flash Pi-Star OS. Youtube test Video for reference. Useful resource reference.

By OH1E.Jump to content. You currently have javascript disabled. Several functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Posted 23 December - PM. I recently purchased two of these radios, one for my base station and one for my Ford Explorer. Can any one point me to some good PC programming software for these?

cdm1250 vs cdm1550

The company that I got them from programmed the first 16 of the channels 14 GMRS and two repeaters so I am operational, but I really want to become comfortable with my own programming. Any thoughts or suggestions from you Motorola gurus out there will be appreciated.

The only way you can legitimately acquire any Motorola programming software is to purchase it from Motorola. However, this product was End of Life'd last year, but the software is still listed on their website as available. The part number is HVN and the most recent revision is R You must have an established account with them to purchase it.

Refurbished Motorola CDM1250/1550 UHF Radio Kit.

It's also known as the Waris series. That would normally be a 3 year subscription entitling you to free updates as they are released. If you are running Win 7 or newer, you should use R Older versions are not stable on Win 7 64 bit.

It also requires a specific cable for use between the radio and the computer. They can be purchased inexpensively on Ebay and elsewhere in the USB version.

Motorola CDM1550

There's a steep learning curve to programming these radios correctly. Since you only have two of them and may only reprogram them a few times, it may be more cost effective to find someone locally who can do them.

Depending on the exact model of CDM, you may only have 16 conventional channels available to you. Post the full model number of the radio and I'll look it up for you. That's not a criticism, just tossing out the info. You have the "S" split radios there to

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