Dagger gtx vs axiom

Paddling tips, tricks, news and gear reviews from an Unsponsored point of view. The Dagger GT is a classic river kayak. It is both stable and forgiving but at the same time can be pushed a little and will happily surf and spin all day long.

dagger gtx vs axiom

The outfitting is up to Daggers usual high standard with an adjustable seat, thigh braces and backrest. The footrest is a full plate system and even those paddlers with large feet will find that the GT is a pretty comfy place to be.

If not the GT is available in a total of five different sizes to accommodate a wide range of paddlers. Performance is pretty good and most paddlers will probably really enjoy the way in which the GT handles. For those wanting to make the move from an entry level kayak to something with a bit of additional performance the GT is worth a look. GearKayaks. Dagger kayak Palm Palm Equipment Review white water.

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Northshore Watersports. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.Read reviews for the GTX by Dagger as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

Embed these reviews on your site. This Product Has Been Discontinued. GTX Reviews. Read 4 Reviews. Submit Your Review. Dagger GTX Reviews. Good river running boat. It is very comfortable for me 6'1", 32 inseam, size 12's, lbs. It is stable and is a fairly fast boat. The only negative is that to me the bow is a little too narrow at the end.

It is therefore not that good a surfer for me. If I want to cruise in comfort down the local run, this boat does it for me! I love this boat. I bought it brand new the first of this year I'm 6' lbs and it fits me perfect. It has great primary stability. It's not as easy to roll as some boats, like my other boat,a Perception Supersonic, but I have no problems rolling it. It's very edgy. Several times I've spent all day in this boat and as big as I am, it fits me just right. I really like this boat and I would recommend it for anybody about my size.

I like the big foot rests. I've surfed it on the Colorado river and mainly run class II big rapids with it. I call it the F of the whitewater world. You won't be disappointed with this boat.

I am a brand new paddler. I've been in this sport less than a month and I am already trying to clear the schedule so I can get some time in on the water. From a beginner's perspective, you will be pretty comfortable.

The adjustments are sufficient to suit just about anyone and Dagger gives you extra foam to get you started you will probably need some more to really get a great fit. This boat was fairly easy to roll and great to learn in. The back band is pretty aggrevating and I bought a IR Wankle to replace it.

All around, this is a fun and forgiving boat that any beginner should feel comfortable in. For all the playboating qualities, see someone else's review because I'm not quite at that level - yet!

My other boat is a Perception Method Air. Outfitting: The seat and footrest is top notch. The thigh hooks are not as comfortable as the thigh masters of Perception. I needed to add a lot of foam to outfit it still have to add knee block and thigh risers to it. I am 5'8" and pounds.Classic kayaks for river running, surfing and general purpose paddling. Great for novice to intermediate paddlers and popular with club paddlers.

The GT series are a classic range of river kayaks which are stable and forgiving. The planing hull will surf all day long and makes for as fast, dry ride through even the messiest of eddylines. The GT Series is an excellent choice for the novice to intermediate paddlers looking to prgress their white water paddling skils.

A dynamic yet predictable river kayak for those new to white water paddling. The planning hull will run quickly across river and charge down drops and lines with a continuous rail for controlled edging and carving to keep you in control as you run the river. Also a popular choice for club paddlers entering the world of running water kayaking. There are 4 sizes in the range to suit the vast majority of paddlers. Available in Action spec and a more basic Club spec. Hard wearing neoprene white water spraydeck.

The Manic River Deck offers high performance with an excellent seal due to the 9. Add to Basket. Kayak Air Bags for split Stern. Sold as a Pair. Hip pad kit including all fittings to attach to the Contour Lite seating system in Dagger Action Spec kayaks.

A high density foam, as used by all Kayak manufactures. Ideal for custom foam footrest or hip pads. Collection is available from our 7 nationwide stores - see below. The delivery price will be shown in the shopping basket.

There is no cost associated with this. Car Roofracks. If you need any further help or advice about the Dagger GT Series please get in touch by email, phone or visit our shop. EMAIL: sales kayaksandpaddles. Call For Advice - The release of the Dagger Rewind is really stirring the pot in the whitewater paddling community.

People have been begging Dagger to create a new slicy whitewater kayak. Dagger released the Axiom series back in and sort of started the slicy boat revival. Since the release of the Axiom, every other major whitewater kayak manufacturer has come out with their own modern slicy kayak.

For quite a while the only slicy kayak that Dagger produced was the Axiom. A few years ago Dagger started selling the famous RPM again. In AugustDagger released the Rewind. The Dagger Rewind is thought of as a refresh of the beloved Dagger Axiom. At first glance the Dagger Rewind looks very similar to the Axiom.

Upon further inspection you will start to pick apart differences between the Dagger Rewind and the Dagger Axiom. Check out this link for a review of the Dagger Rewind. For a split second I just assumed it was a Dagger Axiom. With the slicy stern and the full volume bow, the Dagger Rewind really reminds most paddlers of the Dagger Axiom.

This is because Dagger designed the Rewind as an updated version of the Axiom. There are a lot of similarities between these two whitewater kayaks. The biggest similarity is the volume distribution of the kayaks. This leaves the stern nice and slicy which helps squirt and pivot the kayak. Both the Axiom and the Rewind are great boats for performing stern squirts and getting the boat vertical. While the stern is low volume and slicy, the bow is full volume.

This allows both the Dagger Axiom and the Dagger Rewind to perform well in turbulent whitewater.Taking place of the ultra-popular Axiom, the new Dagger Rewind is a familiar, yet different breed of animal.

Dagger took the hint of the burgeoning popularity of such models and decided to up the ante with Rewind. And that they did. The Antix is fun, but always had too much of a playboat type feel than the fast and sleek feelings of the Ripper and Braaap.

On the opposite end, the Ripper never felt playful enough and is certainly not a very forgiving design it sure is fast though and a very fun down-river design. This left me preferring the Party Braaap overall thanks to the ample rocker and its playful stern. But it was a little too playful at times with its displacement hull and super low volume tail. Dagger and designer Snowy Robertson seemingly took their time with this design, looking at how to make a boat that would perform and play well in almost any condition.

And I think they may have succeeded. The Rewind borrows its hull rocker profile from the ultra-popular Phantom and it shows. The first comment I made after paddling the boat was how it felt like miniature Phantommaking it ride up and over larger hydraulic features with ease.

Boofing the Rewind was super easy with the high-rise bow that quickly clears the drop quickly and helps it to rise fast on rock-assist boofs.

The stern has just enough volume and length to make it feel like a true river runner, but easy enough to bury in a squirt or pivot turn when you want to. While the Rewind may not surf quite as well as the Axiom did on fast flat waves, it does surf short steeper features better by keeping the bow from pearling something the Axiom really struggled to do.

Initial and secondary stability seem to be spot on, stable without feeling like a barge and easy to roll. I fit comfortably without having to move the seat back from center. It seems to fit as a perfect intermediary between playful and performance.

Another first comment I made on the boat was that it felt like a more forgiving Party Braaap with edges.

dagger gtx vs axiom

To be honest, there has been very few boats in the past few years that have gotten me as excited to paddle as the Dagger Rewind has. I believe that it is going to be an instant classic and best seller, and for good reason. Its a GOOD design. Skip to primary navigation Skip to main content Skip to footer. Dagger may have just hit the proverbial nail on the head with the new Rewind. Ripper MD.

Camino del Rio, Ste. Newsletter Sign Up.Most drainages are loaded with record snowfall and an all time season is just starting. These boats have volume up front, low volume in the stern, and are designed to make river running more fun.

They were paddled on the Arkansas River Numbers section. At cfs the river is a playground of boofs, splats, stern squirts, and surfs.

Slicey River Runner Shootout!

CKS has already reviewed these boats find below therefore this review is going to focus on the differences between the four kayaks. Paddler weight: — lbs.

Paddler Weight: — lbs. Each of these boats are designed with a large bow and a tapered stern. They are all river running kayaks that are great for the beginner, and turn the river into a playground for the advanced kayaker. The above specs break the boats into two categories. The Axiom and Antix are similar in volume and both have planing hulls. The hull design has a major impact on how each boat paddles. Hull type and length had the biggest impact on how each boat paddled.

The Antix and Axiom both excelled at surfing, held a line, and were snappier in and out of eddys.

Dagger Rewind Review and Comparison

The Party Braaap is awesome. It is truly a quiver killer and is at home on a steep creek or making your town run more fun. Its long and fast, but is able to squirt and splat with ease. It crushes over difficult whitewater and resurfaces fast. The liquid logic outfitting is classic and works well. It will suite the paddler looking for one boat to do it all.Best Soccer Predictions Tips For 15th November 2.

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dagger gtx vs axiom

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The Dagger Axiom: Redefining Downriver Play

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